Do you feel prepared to meet the vast array of student needs in your post-pandemic classroom?

Enroll in this 3-week, self-paced online course! Master 9 math-specific differentiation strategies in order to increase student confidence, understanding, engagement, creativity and more!

If you’re a middle or high school teacher, interventionist or tutor looking to help all students access the grade-level math curriculum with confidence, excitement and success then you already know that this year will need to be different.

We did it. We survived more than a full school year of remote learning, new technology and missing assignments. We made it through masks, quarantines and hybrid classes. We adjusted the curriculum and taught what we could. This next school year is where we start to pick up the pieces. Some students missed months or even a full year of content. Others did their best to stay the course. Now, as educators, we look to differentiation strategies to meet students where they are and then work to improve student confidence, understanding, engagement and creativity.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Acquired 9 differentiated math lessons

    Included with the course, you will be given a secondary math lesson to serve as a concrete model for every key idea discussed. Topics will vary.
  • Created additional differentiated lessons

    There's no better way to learn than to do it! Using virtual instruction and provided templates, you will be prompted to create differentiated lessons for your own classes using each of the 9 strategies.
  • Learned to make research-based decisions

    Research matters! Refresh your knowledge of Bloom, Gardner and Meyers-Briggs in order to guide your lesson planning and decision-making.
  • Developed skills for differentiating by readiness, interest and learning profile

    You will have students who struggle and students who yearn for challenge. You will encounter students with vastly different interests, personalities and learning styles. You'll be prepared for all of it!
  • Practiced differentiating content, process and product

    Get creative with how you plan what you teach, how you teach it and how students demonstrate their understanding of learned content.

"Amanda is an amazing [teacher]. I am an adult with extreme math anxiety. Amanda helped me so much. I was studying for the teaching exam. Amanda patiently explained all the concepts I needed for my exam and was extremely kind and patient. I passed my exam with a very high score because of Amanda’s help. I would not hesitate to use her for any [math help] in the future."


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What’s Inside 

Math Teacher Masterclass


Module 1

Leveled Learning

The first module focuses on how to differentiate instruction by readiness. We'll review some theory and then spend the bulk of our time considering specific examples, analyzing lessons and creating differentiated activities.

Module Highlights:

  • Review of Bloom's Taxonomy
  • 3 Math-Specific Differentiation Strategies
  • Anecdotal Examples for the Math Classroom
Module 2

Creativity in Math

The second module focuses on how to differentiate instruction by interest. After summarizing 9 unique types of intelligence, we'll consider some real world examples, utilize done-for-you lessons and create resources for your own classroom.

Module Highlights:

  • Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
  • 3 More Differentiation Strategies
  • Relatable Stories Featuring Common Problems (and Solutions)!
Module 3

Personalities & Learning Styles

The third module focuses on how to differentiate instruction by learning profile. We'll explore the role of learning styles and personality types in the learning process. You'll access differentiated activities for your classes and will learn to create your own.

Module Highlights:

  • Meyers-Briggs Personality Types
  • 3 Final Applicable Strategies
  • Stories, Examples & Action Steps

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get: 

Math Teacher Masterclass
(A $150 Value)

  • Concrete examples of 9 specific differentiation strategies

    This. Now this is what separates Math Teacher Masterclass from other professional development courses on differentiated instruction. All examples are specifically related to the secondary math classroom. No more reading research and examples for other subjects and then trying to synthesize and convert your understanding to how you can actually use the strategy in your classroom. 100% relevant to the middle or high school math educator.

  • 3 content-packed, relevant modules

    The content will have you nodding your head as you hear stories of fictional students similar to those you've encountered in your own classroom. You'll love the proposed solutions that can be implemented right away in your own classes!

  • Tools to increase students' math confidence

    Let's increase student confidence by making math accessible to all. Your students will love working at a level appropriate to their needs, pursing personal interests and learning in an environment conducive to their learning preferences. Confidence leads to enjoyment and excitement. Can you imagine your students suggesting that math is fun? Many of them will after you implement the strategies learned in the Math Teacher Masterclass!
  • New strategies for developing student understanding

    In the post-pandemic classroom, students will be entering at vastly different levels. This course will guide you through specific and relevant strategies to develop student understanding as you work to bring students up to grade level, help students with advanced understanding grow and everything in between!

Read what teachers are saying about

Math Teacher Masterclass


"I really like that you don't expect us to change all at once, but just try one new strategy and get good at it. Then, you ask that we come back to the course and review the strategies to choose another engagement strategy. This helps to implement the course rather than overwhelm a teacher-student to do it all."

-Melanie W


"As a special education teacher, I love seeing all the suggestions on differentiating."

-Audrea M


"This really was helpful. I like the different examples of students and styles of learning."

-Tracie P


"I plan to use the menu concept for evaluating students because it will allow me to see not only what the students know about the content, but also where they see themselves in understanding content."

-Susan J

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Maximize Your Course Takeaways


Bonus 1

Tech Tutorials

Concerned about mastering the technology? I've got you covered!

(A $60 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 9 Tech Tutorial Video Clips
  • Template Walkthroughs
Bonus 2

Printable Workbook

Organize all of your notes from this online course!

(A $20 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Skeletal notes from each lesson
  • Chronological order
  • Goal Setting, Calendar & More
Bonus 3

Bonus Video Lesson

If at the end of the course you're ready for the next level, check out the bonus lesson!

(A $20 Value)

What You’ll Learn:

  • Curriculum Compacting
  • Learning Contracts
  • Independent Studies

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Math Teacher Masterclass - $150 Value

  • Tech Tutorials - $60 Value
  • Printable Workbook - $20 Value
  • Bonus Video Lesson - $20 Value

Total Value: $100

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $250

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Amanda's Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that you will love Math Teacher Masterclass, but if for whatever reason this turns out not to be for you I offer a 7-day money back guarantee. I ask that you try working through the first module. If you have not found the content relevant, inspirational or helpful, email me for a full refund before beginning the second module. I know that you will love this course, and I am here to help you every step of the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still thinking about it?

Math Teacher Masterclass is PERFECT for you if you are… 

  1. A first year teacher looking for a proven way to meet the academic needs of your math students
  2. An experienced educator who has struggled with increasing student confidence, understanding or engagement
  3. A teacher, interventionist or tutor prepared to put in the work this summer in order to set yourself up for a successful school year
  4. An educator that feels like you're on a hamster wheel trying to meet students' needs throughout the school year
  5. A teacher worried about vast inequities among students due to the pandemic
  6. A motivated educator ready to learn specific strategies to get students excited about math
  7. A hard-worker ready to learn, grow and evolve with the needs of our students

I can’t wait for you to join Math Teacher Masterclass

After 15 years of research and many years of trial and error, I am thrilled to share my best strategies with other math teachers. I want to make meeting the needs of all learners as simple as possible for you by sharing specific examples, providing model lessons and assisting you as you design your own differentiated lessons.

If you are a math educator eager to improve student confidence, understanding, engagement and creativity, you're in the right place!

This opportunity is risk-free with the 7 day money back guarantee. I look forward to diving into differentiated math instruction with you! This course is open for a limited time so be sure to enroll today!

Amanda Nix

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