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Our Promise

By consistently participating in the Discover Math Intervention Program, you will observe in your students: improved skill fluency, enhanced connections between concepts, increased math confidence, and greater ownership of their learning.


Diagnostic Assessments in Google Forms are a tool used to determine math fluency for a specific skill. Students will answer a minimum of five questions to determine mastery. If a student incorrectly answers two problems in a row, they are redirected to a remediation video.


Students redirected to a remediation video will spend about ten minutes engaged in a reteaching experience with intermittent practice problems included throughout the lesson. The videos have been made exclusively for this program and are only available to members. The Student Workbook provides an organized place for students to complete practice problems, take notes, and reflect on their learning.


Teachers can assign follow-up practice through differentiated worksheets. Each topic has two difficulty levels available for continued practice. These PDF assignments can be printed or students can type their work right on the assignment from a digital device.

Middle School Math

The Discover Math Intervention Program features a variety of topics from middle school math standards. As a member, you will gain access to all current topics, as well as new topics added monthly. In order to utilize this program with students you must be a current member. If membership is canceled, the license to use the resources is revoked as well.

Facebook Community

Members have access to an exclusive Facebook group where we discuss best practices, ask for and offer peer support, and help one another in a respectful, enthusiastic environment. Teachers in this community have access to online coaching and support from Amanda Nix and her team.

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